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Southside Atlanta Handyman Repair Services

You might think a handyman is only suitable for a leaky faucet or a clogged garbage disposal, but the folks here at Southside Atlanta Handyman have much more to offer than that. 

When it comes to home repairs, Southside Atlanta Handyman does it all. Indoor, outdoor, appliances, flooring, you name it, we can fix it. Plus, hiring a handyman can save you loads of money over a traditional repair service or specific trade. 

A handyman is a great option for many of those nuisance repairs as well, those things that keep your house in good shape. We’ll break down some of our repair services so you see what we can do for you. 


Drywall Repair 


Having worn spots, cracks, or holes in your drywall can be an eyesore for your home. Not only that, damaged drywall can lead to other things, including insulation problems, leaks, and critters. 

Southside Atlanta Handyman can handle drywall repairs big and small. No matter if it’s replacing entire sections of the wall, patching holes, or just sealing up small cracks, we’ll get your walls looking like new. 

These minor repairs can seriously devalue your home and cause major problems if left alone. Having a handyman on standby to take care of fixes like these is cheaper than hiring a construction crew and helps keep your home in great shape. Don’t let minor repairs ruin the look and feel of your home. 


Door Frame Repair 


A busted door frame can make it difficult for doors to work. Not only that, it’s a terrible eyesore. Our handymen can fix a door frame in no time and have it working like new. You shouldn’t have to deal with a broken or uneven door frame that makes closing your doors a hassle. 

We can fix the frame and rehang your doors so that everything is even and flush like it’s supposed to be. Don’t let a damaged frame ruin the seal on your rooms or, even worse, your entire home. We have the tools and the skills to take care of your damaged door frame. 


Window Repair 


Broken windows are not only unsightly, they’re unsafe, and they can ruin your energy efficiency in your home. That’s why you need Southside Atlanta Handyman. We can take your busted window and restore it to like new. 

Typical window repair companies charge a fortune for window repairs. In some cases, they may even try to make you pay for a full replacement when a repair will do the job just fine. Don’t wind up spending hundreds or even thousands when you don’t have to. Let us handle the repair and make your home safe and energy-efficient again for a fraction of the cost of those big window installers. 


Flooring Repair 


Damaged flooring can be a big problem for any home. If you’re trying to sell your home, damaged flooring is one of the first things potential buyers will see. If you’re still living in your home, then a damaged floor can lead to further problems like rot, mold, and water damage. 

Our handymen can handle most types of flooring repair so that you don’t have to call in a high-priced flooring installer just to patch up your existing floor. Letting one of our professionals fix your vinyl, hardwood, or tile floor is the faster and cheaper option to make your home look great again and to protect it from further damage. 

When your home needs repairs, contact Southside Atlanta Handyman and let us see what we can do for you today.

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